First things first…

Writing the ‘about’ this section for this blog has proven to be fantastically difficult.

Read any guide on starting your own blog (or in fact writing in general) and it will undoubtedly tell you that you need a niche. Something that separates you from the rest. An area of interest that makes you unique. Something which makes you stand out.

And that’s just what I did. My previous blog persona was all about saving cash, being a frugalista and trying to live a champagne lifestyle on a beer lemonade salary. Trouble is there were other things I wanted to blog about which just didn’t fit into that style of blog. I started to feel bored and then, worse, trapped. It was like being on a long-haul flight where 99% of the movies on the in-flight entertainment package just aren’t your bag.

I thought a break would do me good. It did. It made me realise that whilst my previous penny-pinching blog wasn’t right for me, I still needed an outlet for my writing and so Fabulous and other f*words was born.

I love the word fabulous. Even though it’s so completely and utterly overused. At first my concept was about me trying to live a fabulous lifestyle, but having to overcome the inevitable obstacles that get in the way – the frustrating f* words. Then I realised that life wasn’t as black and white as being fabulous or failing. Best of all there were lots of f* words which described this sizeable grey area – family, friends, food, finances, fun… – when you think about it life is full of f* words.

And, in essence that’s what this blog is all about… life. I don’t really know what subjects it’s going to cover, or where it’s going to go – much the same as I don’t know how my own life is going to play out. I would say to expect some journal-style entries, some reviews, mentions of fabulous things which I come across and, well, probably some of the more random ramblings from my brain.

All I can say is I hope you enjoy what you find here and come back regularly to see what’s new.

What do you think? Do blogs/writers need a niche? What subjects do your favourite blogs concentrate on? Leave a comment and let me know – free chocolate to the first person to leave a comment :).


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