Fashion: My White Stuff Wish List

White Stuff have me on their mailing list from a few Christmasses ago when I ordered hubby a new sweater. I’m not a very good customer. Aside from knitwear for my other half, I think the only other thing I have purchased from them is a necklace. This has been for two reasons…

1. The way some of their women’s clothing is cut makes me look as though I’m expecting – generally not the look I’m trying to achieve

2. I struggle to find my size in their high street stores

Needless to say I didn’t expect to find much that I liked in their latest mailing. I was wrong. So now I’m hoping that these items which I’m lusting after from afar don’t make me look as though I am with-child and are available in my size in John Lewis in Solihull which is where I’m off to on Saturday.

Are you a White Stuff fan? What’s on your wish list?

White Stuff Skoha Jumper

A darling dachshund jumper – what’s not to love? Skoha Jumper, £47.50, White Stuff

White Stuff Pretty Bird Tee

So cute and not too smock-y Pretty Bird Tee, £32.50, White Stuff

White Stuff Figgy Pudding PJ Bottom

Owls and comfy PJs – the perfect combo!
Figgy Pudding PJ Bottom, £29.95, White Stuff

White Stuff Mid Holly Lariat Necklace

What?! At least necklaces always fit!
Mid Holly Lariat Necklace, £19.95, White Stuff

White Stuff Short Layer Star Necklace

We are all made of stars, Short Layer Star Necklace, £22.50, White Stuff

And for the boys…

White Stuff Alpine Check PJ

Perfect for snuggly nights in.
Alpine Check PJ, £37.50, White Stuff

Check out the full collections at


2 thoughts on “Fashion: My White Stuff Wish List

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