Fabulous Fridays: Today I Marry My Best Friend…


On Friday we enjoyed a day filled with love, laughter, fantastic frocks, delicious food and booze (lots of booze) when we attended the wedding of one of my oldest friends.

Kelly and I have known each other since we were about five-years-old. I don’t remember exactly when we first became friends, but I do remember spending summer afternoons sat beneath the tree which corners the crossroads of where our parent’s streets meet playing Dingbats. I have happy memories of innocent times spent playing Swingball in Kelly’s garden, raiding the cupboards in my house to make a “George’s Marvellous Medicine” (no matter what you put in it turned out brown), whiling away afternoons playing “Oh Mummy” on my Amstrad. Those were the days!


In our younger years

At senior school we grew apart a little.She was cooler than me, I swottier than her so our social circles didn’t always intertwine (Annoyingly she’s now cooler than me and swottier than me, having just completed her Masters – it’s a good job she’s lovely!).

When we left school we lost touch…until Facebook. We met up for a coffee about five years ago and we’ve been regularly meeting for coffees ever since. Sometimes we seem to get on a little too well and it’s been known for us to miss both trains and motorway junctions because we were too busy gossiping.

Seeing someone that you’ve known for so long get married is always going to be emotional,  but even more so when you see how in love she and her husband are. Obviously you would expect this of any married couple – but with some it’s just more noticeable than others. Kevin looked cool as a cucumber as he waited for his bride, even seeing her looking stunning as she walked down the aisle didn’t seem to shake him. Then came an emotional reading from his mother (the same reading which I did at my best friend’s wedding, which made me blub). You could start to feel the love in the room – little tiny invisible love hearts floating all around. The vows, the promises, the exchanging of the rings – BAM – the love hearts were multiplying and flitting dizzingly above everybody’s heads.

The happy couple

The happy couple

I was determined not to cry, but it’s difficult not to when you’ve know someone for so long, you can see how happy they are and you just feel so bloomin’ proud of them. I held it together until during Kevin’s speech at the reception when he turned to Kelly and said:

You’re my best friend. You know everything about me and you still love me.

An uncontrolable tear dribbled down my cheek before I regained my composure. But that’s what marriage is all about isn’t it? Loving someone – warts and all. Loving their annoying habits alongside their cute nuances.


The beautiful bride


The wonderful ceremony was held at Warwick Registry Office, with photos taken in the garden outside – complete with views of the towers of the gorgeous Warwick Castle in the background. The weather was perfect – bitter but sunny and dry. We were greeted with Winter Pimms at the wine bar reception venue before being treated to a delicious buffet lunch and serenaded by a Rat Pack style singer. The decorations were amazing and the favours were fantastic. The bride looked beautiful. And everything was just fabulous. The speeches were excellent, there were some comedy moments. I saw some members of her family who I haven’t seen for years. As I said goodbye to her Dad as we were leaving, he said something which I thought was really special. He said:

The thing with you and Kelly is that your friendship hasn’t changed. You’re just the same when you’re together and that’s just lovely.

And he’s quite right. OK so we don’t make “George’s Marvellous Medicines” together any longer – we go to cupcake classes and make those instead – but the firm friendship, the laughter and the support are still just the same as when we were kids.

7 Sam & Kelly

Feeling full of love and being all dressed up me and hubby decided to try a pub in Warwick before heading back and ended up in the Rose and Crown which was utterly, utterly charming. We then headed into Birmingham for some food at The Oriental before treating ourselves to a taxi home.


Our view from the pub

What a fabulous way to spend a Friday! Congratulations Mr & Mrs White and thank you for inviting us. xx


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