Festivities: Creating Christmas Traditions

I love the fact the über blogger Gala Darling has rolled out the “December Activity Guide” again. I adored this concept last year, but was just too late to the party to make it work. I did, however, follow some of her fabulous tips for preparing for the new year.

I figured that as this is our second year of marriage it was about time hubby and I made some Christmas traditions of our own, so I set to creating a list of festive activities which we could work our way through during December. The majority of these activities were things we could do together, with the odd smattering of selfish indulgence for me (hey – I went to the effort of creating the list!). I tried to assign more time-consuming activities to days when we’re not working and simple ones to days when we are (don’t want to start causing any festive frustration now, do we?). Then I carefully-ish (being too careful causes procrastination) wrote each activity onto a small piece of pretty sparkly magenta paper, put the date onto the front of it and placed it in a vintage glass jar, ready for one of us to pick out and announce: “Ohh, we have to drink hot chocolate today darling.”


Our jar full of festive fun

I aimed to start on the 1st December and I kinda did. But then it’s gone a bit wonky due to my lurg and the fact that I haven’t felt like doing much more than sitting around in my PJs annoying other people on Twitter. But now I’ve shown my lurg the door (metaphorically at least – the fact I’ve had to resort to nestling down next to a box of tissues and a carrier bag for used tissues, suggests it’s not got the hint just yet). But that’s fine. That’s life. You can make the best plans, but it doesn’t always work out the way you’d hoped. What’s a girl to do? Pick herself up (blow her nose) and just double up on some of those Chrimble activities. Two festive activities for the price of one you say? I’m in!

What are your Christmas traditions?



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