Failure, Fashion and Festivities – Today’s Been Full of It

It’s just a bad day

not a bad life

I’ve seen your eyes you were bona fide

born to fight

Lyrics from Reverse from Robbie Williams’ brilliant new album, Take The Crown. Totally feeling those lyrics today.

I should have known it was going to be  a bad day when I couldn’t track down my pen to write my morning gratitude list on the bus on the way into work this morning. I had to key it into my iPhone instead. It’s weird, but that’s just not as soothing as putting pen to paper.

Anyway, determined not to let a bad day at the office get me down too much I headed to Merry Hill to fulfil my festive obligations for the day. They were….

1. To buy a Christmas present for myself

2. To buy something new for Christmas day

3. To buy the Christmas edition of the Radio Times

I must admit that not having enjoyed the best of starts to the day meant I was shuffling around the shopping centre, as opposed to skipping around with festive glee. But I guessed some retail therapy would do me good so shuffle I did. I now have…

Tots Amaze Vest Top

1. A Christmas present for myself by way of this totes amaze ‘Totes Amaze’ vest top. OK I may have cheated a bit here and ordered this whilst watching Made in Chelsea last night, but the lovely Binky tweeted a discount code for 30% off which was just too good to miss. Anyway, I’m looking forward to that arriving before the end of the week.

Christmas nail polish

Elmo Christmas T-shirt

2. Some new sparkly nail polish and a tres tacky, yet cute, T-shirt to wear on Christmas day.

Christmas Radio Times 2012

3. The Christmas edition of the Radio Times. Which really means I need to get off here, find my trusty highlighter and start marking up the programmes I want to watch over the festive period.


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