Festivities: My Festive Viewing Guide – Part One

One of my long-standing Christmas traditions is to take a trusty highlighter to my Christmas edition of the Radio Times (the only time of the year when I buy a TV listings guide) and mark up the shows I want to see. Does anyone else remember when you had to buy the Radio Times and the TV Times in order to get the complete guide to what was on TV?And there were only four channels back then!

Anyway, here’s what I will be watching during the first week of Christmas…

Pointless Celebrities
Saturday 22nd December, 5:40pm, BBC1
I have to say on the odd occasion when I’m back home from work early enough (doesn’t happen so much now we’ve moved premises) I do like to partake in a bit of Pointless. I don’t know if it’s Alexander Armstrong’s witty banter, or the notion that (scoring) less is more but it’s one of my favourite quiz shows in a long time. Throw in some B C list celebrities and in my books that’s a great start to my festive viewing.

Four Christmasses
Saturday 22nd December, 9:00pm, Channel 4
Reese Witherspoon? Check! Vince Vaughn? Check! Christmas theme? Yep. Sounds like a good recipe for a switch your brain off festive rom-com action. Popcorn at the ready!

Sunday 23rd December, 9:00pm, Channel 4
The season finale of this frankly brilliant drama. I don’t think I need to say anything else? Oh OK then, my favourite line from this season? Carrie: “Cease and fucking desist”. Fantastic!

Carols From Kings
Monday 24th December, 6:15pm, BBC 2
For those that know me in real, living, breathing life it might come as a shock to them to know that I watch this (or at least have it on in the background) every year on Christmas Eve. There’s something so lovely and traditional about it. You can sing along with some of the carols and it just reminds me of that magic of Christmas that I experienced when I was a child. The Christmas Eve equivalent of snuggling up into a warm and familiar cosy blanket.

The Snowman and The Snowdog
Monday 24th December, 8:00pm, Channel 4
Nothing say’s Christmas like The Snowman. It’s a tradition entrenched in generations. And now he’s back with a doggy sidekick. Surely a Christmas must-see?

Made in Chelsea
Monday 24th December, 10:00pm, E4
Because it’s my guilty pleasure – yah! Totes!

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures
Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th and Friday 28th December, 8:00pm, BBC4
I’d never even heard of these until I worked for a publishers in London a good many years ago. They might be aimed at a generation slightly younger than me but the content is still fascinating and the delivery always punchy. Take a look if you’ve not seen them before and prepare to indulge your inner geek.


Image: Five in Finland

Moominland Tales: The Life of Tove Jansson
Wednesday 26th December, 9:00pm, BBC4
My ‘big eyes’ have led me to be referred to as a Moomin on numerous occasions. I’m never sure how it’s meant, but I always take it as a compliment. What could be better than looking like one of these cute philosophical creatures? As a result I love anything Moomin related hence my desire to watch this.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Wednesday 26th December, 10:30pm, Channel 4
Because I’m always about a squillion years behind everyone else when it comes to films

Take That: Progress Live
Friday 28th December, 11:00pm, BBC 1
I’d love to be able to record this so I could fast-forward to all the Robbie bits.

What are your must-see’s this Christmas?

All times are for the London/Anglia/Midlands region according to the Radio Times.


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