Festivities: The December Activity Guide So Far…

So how was it for you?

Mine? Well – it was full of fun, family and food – just as Christmas should be.

Saying that, most of December has followed this theme. I’m not sure if it’s the sense of anticipation, or the fact I’ve been filling my December days with festive activities but the build-up to Christmas has been just as good (if not better) than the actual day itself.

I realise I’ve been rubbish at blogging what I’ve been up to this month. But do-you-know what? I’m not going to apologise! I’m not going to apologise because I’ve been too busy enjoying myself. Well – that – and trying to frantically tie-up any loose ends at work before the Christmas break.

So what have I managed to tick off the festive to do list?

Attend a Christmas party

Drink hot chocolate – thank to Domestic Sluttery for the fab recipe.

I think I approve! #hotchoc

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Decorate the Christmas tree – yup, both of them.

It's Christmaaaaasss!!!

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My girlie Chrimbo tree in the kitchen

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Eat a mince pie‘a’ mince pie?! I ate many mince pies.


Write Christmas cards – despite my best efforts to make this fun (fountain pen, Christmas tunes, alcohol) this bored me silly. I really need to find a way to make this more exciting next year – any ideas?

Christmas cards

Buy yourself a gift

Buy something new for Christmas Day

Buy the Christmas edition of the Radio Times

Eat Yule Log – gosh this was a hardship.

Wrap Christmas Presents – take a look at these beauties…

Christmas Gifts
Take a bubble bath – bliss!

Give money to charity – donation duly made to Cancer Research UK.

Have a turkey dinner – I did intend to have a cheapy chain version of the meal, but never got around to it, so I opted for a yummy gastro pub version instead.

Drink mulled wine – and wished I’d purchased more than one bottle. So hearty. So warming.

Drink Starbucks red cups – and was disappointed that my local Starbies can’t seem to make a decent cuppa coffee. Boo hiss!

Go to Somerset House – the ultimate Christmas destination as far as I am concerned. One day I will skate on that gorgeous rink.

Somerset House Ice Skating Rink

Christmas drinks – I kinda tied those in with the turkey dinner to be honest. Good food, good company, good wine – never a bad combination.

Christmas mani

Christmas Manicure

Watch a Christmas film – you can’t beat a bit of Elf and Love Actually.

Go to Bridgnorth – Me and hubby love wandering around this town (where we got engaged) and picking up scrummy treats from the cafe’s/deli’s/supermarkets.

River in Bridgnorth is a bit high then!

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Eat, drink and be merry – Yup, yup and yup!

And the ones which I didn’t get around to?

Make some Christmas decorations – I’ve purchased PVA glue, embroidery silks and lots of other goodies, but didn’t quite find time to do the do, so to speak.

Read a Christmas book by candlelight – despite having a suitably snowy cover, it appears the book I purchased for this purpose isn’t about Christmas at all. Tsk!

Buy a Poinsettia or similar

Make Christmas cakes/biscuits

Go for a walk in the park

One thing which I’ve noticed from compiling this post is that it’s a lot of the ‘money can’t buy’ experiences which I missed out, which perhaps isn’t really in keeping with the festive spirit. Something to consider for next Christmas maybe? What did you get up to throughout December?


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