Forward Planning: New Year Resolutions

Slightly surreal handcrafted NYE decoration.

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From what I’ve gathered people fall into one of three groups when it comes to goal setting for the new year…

Group One – the ‘what’s the point’ lot… They don’t bother making any new year’s resolutions. Whether it’s the fact that they’re happy with life the way it is, or they just can’t be bothered, it’s business as usual for these guys

Group Two – the predictable bunch… I’ll lose weight, I’ll stop smoking, I’ll go to the gym. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. At least they’re trying.

Group Three – the ‘oh great it’s an opportunity for a life audit’ types – who end up with a long list of aims and objectives. Next year will be the year the magic happens.

I definitely belong in group three. It’s not that I’m unhappy with my life, but I always believe that there’s room for improvement. Sometimes I acheive some of my goals, sometimes I don’t. Which is why this year I’ve changed the way I’ve set the goals for myself…

1. For starters I tried to imagine myself at the end of 2014. If I’ve had a fabulous year, what would that mean? What would I have acheived? What would I be doing? I wrote a short piece of prose as if I was doing a review of the year which really inpsired me to see what was important to me, rather than making a martyred list of coulda, woulda, shoulda objectives.

2. I made a mess – on purpose! No neat and tidy list of objectives for me, oh no! I want this to be a living,  breathing, evolving document throughout the year where I’m ticking things off, changing them, adding to them. Perfectionism breeds procastination.

3. I didn’t make them SMART. Oh the horror of it! That’s not to say they won’t become SMART, but rather than setting an unobtainable target for myself I’d rather work through my goals one-by-one auditing them as I go, looking at what the next step is and then deciding on the ultimate goal. What’s that saying? You can’t eat an elephant in one go? That’s true, and even if you’re going to try and eat in over several different meals it makes sense to assess that plan rather than giving yourself a set of immovable and unachieveable objectives. After all, just how big is that elephant?

4. I looked at the benefits not the features. Some of the goals in themselves are dull, so I tried to make them more exciting by thinking how I would feel once I’d acheived them. Cutting back on caffeine in favour of Green Tea and water?Boring. The thought of having clear skin and oodles of energy? Suddenly appealing.

5. I added some fun. Geez I’m not a martyr you know. Yes, I want to be wealthy, healthy and all that jazz. But I also want to have belly-aching, side splitting fun. Surely that’s what life is about?

Here’s a taster of some of my goals for 2013…

  • Complete decorating our apartment
  • Go to see Robbie at Wembley Stadium and actually be able to see HIM (not just watch him on the screens)
  • Own an Orla Kiely handbag
  • Watch Made in Chelsea
  • Buy new glasses
  • Embrace the people who make you feel good
  • Complete a morning gratitude list each day

What are your goals, hopes, dreams and ambitions for the new year?


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