Festivities: Happy New Year!

I meant to post this yesterday but got too caught up in hosting an impromptu (and tremendously fun) drinks soiree, so anyway, here’s my 2012 in pictures…

I recommend listening to this (and thinking about all the exciting things which are going to happen in 2013) as you scroll through.


January – When the north wind doth blow then we shalst have snow…

Chinese New Year in Birmingham 2012

February – Happy New Year, Chinese Style. Enter the Dragon!

Stef and Robin Bailey's wedding

March – Congratulations Mr and Mrs Bailey

Stourbridge Car Park Demolition

March – We live in the sleepy suburbs, so when the eyesore of a car park was blown up to make way for a new Tesco’s there was muchus excitement in the town.

Coombe Abbey

April – being the event organiser had its perks for this trip – check out my room!


April – our first trip to London of the year

Olympic Torch Wolverhampton

June – The Olympic Torch passed through Wolverhampton and I was one of many there to see it.

Robbie Williams Socceraid

July – Socceraid

Tower Bridge Olympic Rings

July – our second visit to London of the year for mom’s birthday.

Eye operation

July – I can see clearly-ish after my eye op


September – Seeing the amazing George Michael in concert

Stevens Park

October – Lunchtime walks in the park

Wedding anniversay

October – We celebrated our first wedding anniversary

Kelly and Kevin White
November – Congratulations Mr and Mrs White
Covent Garden at Christmas

December – our third trip to London this year.


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