Fun: Reasons to be Cheerful

In lieu of this morning’s gratitude list (I was too busy scoffing down brunch to write it) here are my reasons for feeling so darn smug at the moment…

Samantha Heathcock

1. I wrote myself an extremely long to do list yesterday and actually got most of it done – hurrah for productivity!

2. We hosted an impromptu drinks party for hubby’s family last night and had so much fun…

3. …plus we got to drink this…


4. It’s 2013! The scent of expectation is floating through the air. Let’s not just hope it’s a good one – let’s make it a good one! And let’s not pretend it’s going to perfect. Nothing is perfect – pretending it can be is setting yourself up for failure before you’ve even begun.

5. The sun shone absolutely beautifully today

6. I had this for brunch (bacon and poached egg on muffin with maple syrup, washed down with a huge mug of Twinnings Breakfast Tea)


7. We went for a walk around the park…

8. …and had the most amazing hot chocolate from the cafe there (sorry it didn’t last long enough to make it onto Instagram)

9. We only have a three-day working week this week office bods

10. Last nights fireworks. Oh my god – the fireworks! (although slightly peeved that the beeb has missed off Seb Coe’s fab closing statement in this vid.)

Happy new year guys! If 2012 was the year of inspiration what with the Olympics and Paralympics, then 2013 is the year of perspiration. Taking that inspiration and making it happen! Enjoy, endure, but most of all come out the other end smiling.  xx


2 thoughts on “Fun: Reasons to be Cheerful

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