Finances: Back to Black

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Hands up who overspent over Christmas and the New Year?

I’m certain I’m not the only one shooting my pinkie skywards at this question?

One of my many resolutions is to get my finances in check. Which  is why I spent a big chunk of the weekend sat with a coffee, my laptop and one of those nice big calculators with buttons that click when you press them (small things) working my way through Excel spreadsheets filled with a mixture of fun and downright scary figures.

I’m fortunate  in that I’m now debt free (excepting my student loan and mortgage) and able to pay my credit card bill in full this month. Believe me it was touch and go there for a while. I appreciate that I’m in a fortunate position in comparison to some, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling slightly uneasy about the fact that I have no savings. Couple that with the fact I want to do lots of exciting things this year and I’m currently on a spend less; make more mission.

I’m presuming saving money is a common resolution, so thought I’d share what I’m doing to save money in case it’s useful to you. I’ll share my ‘make money’ tips in a separate post.

Sam’s Save Money Tips

1. Walk to work (I usually catch the bus. Saving approximately £4 per day)

2. Take my own lunch to work (avoiding Boots meal deals and Subways means I’m saving approximately £17.50 per week)

3. Make my own coffee (I work on a trading estate and only have access to a coffee vending machine. You could save a lot more if your coffee habit revolves around Starbucks. Saving approximately £0.40 per day)

4. Avoid temptation (which is why I’m avoiding the shops and have unsubscribed to emails from companies which I really can’t resist. Saving – who knows?!)

5. Pay with cash (flashing the plastic is easy, paying with cool hard cash brings home to you how much you’re spending and when it’s gone? It’s gone! Saving – who knows?!)

What are your top tips for saving money?


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