Far Away Places: A Cruise? I’m Still Not Convinced

You may recall we were invited on a cruise by the in-laws on new years eve. Whilst the thought of going on holiday with the family appealed, we just couldn’t get excited about the cruise bit. It just wasn’t us and so we declined.

It seems this is a common objection which those sneaky cruise sales people face if this advert is anything to go by…

I work in marketing, so I may be over analysing this slightly. But  hear me out. This is a cruise company trying to get people who aren’t very keen on cruises to rethink the concept and part with their hard-earned cash, right? So portraying them as grey, boring stick in the muds perhaps isn’t the most flattering beginning to the advert. But it’s OK. The people in the advert can be redeemed. They can push the ‘Switch on Fun’ button and be immersed in all that’s good about  a cruise. Which according to the advert is a swimming pool, an aqua park and some waiters serving you cocktails on some sun loungers. Erm, right! So that’s the same as any other holiday then… Is it just me or did they not pick the right things to try to convince us non-cruise types to change our ways?

Either that, or this is really an advert giving those people who already go on cruises an opportunity to laugh at the foolishness of those who haven’t cottoned on yet. Being as the cruise liners already have their custom that doesn’t seem very likely.

I’m sure there are many wonderful things about going on a cruise… seeing lots of different places, the evening entertainment, waking up in a new place each day. But the advertisers seemed to overlook all of those things and focus instead on a swimming pool. You’ll have to work harder than that to convince me…

Personally I prefer this cheese-fest, although I’m still not convinced…

Where as this would almost make the pain of child-birth worthwhile… almost.

Have you ever been on a cruise?


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