Faff: Coping With the Snow

Stourbridge in snow

This weather is seriously snow fun is it?

Sorry, it was a cheap pun – forgive me.

Thing is, snow is a beautiful wondrous thing if all you need to do is stay in, drink hot chocolate and occasionally pop outside to make a snowman. In reality when you’re trying to get places it can be a bloomin’ nightmare.

Here’s my essential guide to surviving the bleak midwinter…

Check your employment rights – trying to find a one-size-fits-all guide to this on the web was nigh on impossible. So your best bet is to ask your HR department for a copy of your company policy. If you think you’re going to struggle to get into work if it snows flag this with your boss in advance and try to come up with a strategy so you don’t have to take unnecessary holiday and they still get a full working day out of you. For example, I can take my laptop home and work from the comfort of my own lounge if snow strikes – so long as there’s no important meetings I’m supposed to be attending.

Forget fashion – Sorry, but unless you’ve got a chauffeur to drive you everywhere, now is not the time to be putting on a fashion show. Think sensible, not stylish – you can always get changed when you reach your destination. Here’s my essential winter wardrobe.

  • Thermal vest – for use in extreme weather conditions (or when you’re temping on a very cold reception desk. Also useful for long-haul flights where the cabin temperature can get a bit chilly).
  • Thermal socks/tights – note: don’t wear these with UGGs unless you want to melt into a pool of MAC foundation and lambswool.


  • UGGs – Great to wear when it’s cold, or snowy – unless you want to keep them looking perfect. I’ve decided not to keep anything ‘for best’ any more I’d rather get enjoyment out of my stuff on a daily basis, so I’ll regularly be seen trudging along in my UGGs regardless of the weather. I know they have a lot of haters, but seriously there’s something so indulgent about walking along in boots which are so warm and comfy…

Walking boots

  • Walking Boots – For days when even UGGs won’t hack it, get yourself some boots with decent grips – unless you want your booty to be meeting with the pavement on a regular basis.


  • Thermal gloves – I have lots of pairs of these which my nan gave me. Stylish, they ain’t. Super warm? Indeed they are. And the flappy mitten bit means I can answer my iPhone easily too. Result.


  • Scarf & Coat – Nuff said.


  • Hat – Apparently it’s a myth that we lose so much heat through our heads, but I’m not taking my chances.


  • Some warm & comfies for when you get home

Watch the weather forecast so you can be prepared.

If you’re driving there’s some great advice here.

If you’re catching public transport – make sure it’s running and ensure it will still be running when you need to make your return journey. No one wants to be stranded at work.

Make sure your cupboards are stocked up – but let’s not start panic buying now people. It’s snow, not a nuclear holocaust. That said, make sure you have a decent brand of hot chocolate in, some milk, whipped cream and lots and lots of marshmallows.

Hot chocolate

Whether you’re enjoying or enduring the snow – make it a safe one.


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