Fun: Don’t Let Blue Monday Get You Down

Image: Chaka’s World

So, today is Blue Monday. Possibly the most depressing day of the year. It’s cold, you still haven’t paid off your credit card bill for Christmas, which now feels like aaaaaaaaaaaages away, almost as much of a distant memory as those resolutions. And motivation? Pah! What’s happened to that? Let’s just curl up in a ball and make like it never happened…

Or maybe not…

Image Credit: Shiny Shack

Let’s make today the day we write that morning gratitude list. Embrace the cold weather by wearing a kooky jumper or striped thermal socks. Put a plan into place to pay off those debts. Look forward to your next special occasion, whether that be Valentines Day, your birthday, or just meeting up with friends. Don’t have anything to look forward to yet? Make today the day you get something in your diary. And as for those resolutions… concentrate on what you have done, not what you haven’t.

Motivation lacking? Nope! Make yourself motivated – no one is going to do it for you…

I’m writing this a little bit in advance, so you get to read it on your way into work whilst you’re snowed in so I will add my morning gratitude list and update you on my outfit du jour later (killer heels, black skinny jeans and a fluffy, warm cable knit jumper). Debts? Done. Next special occasion..? Meeting up with good friends at the weekend. And as for the resolutions? Sure, there are some which have fallen by the way-side but I have…

IN PROGRESS… Go to see Robbie Williams in concert at Wembley Stadium and actually be able to see him – hotel booked!

IN PROGRESS… Got to Madrid and cheer on Real Madrid at the match – flights, hotel and time off work booked, and I’m currently reading the Lonely Planet guide.

IN PROGRESS… Walks in the country – OK so our first walk in the county was actually a walk in the park, but I’m still counting it. There were trees!

IN PROGRESS… Enjoy turning 33 – My birthday falls on a Sunday this year, but I’ve already booked the following Monday and Tuesday off work so that hubby and I can go on a little trip to London town.

IN PROGRESS… See more of the in-laws – we popped to see Daddy-in-law a few weeks back and it looks as though a short-break with the family to Devon may be on the cards later in the year.

DONE…Watch Made in Chelsea – it’s off our screens at the moment, but I did watch the New Years Eve special earlier in the year. Did you see the looks which Louise was giving Spencer? Trouble at mill, much?

IN PROGRESS… Drink – this may seem like a strange one as most people are trying to give up the booze at this time of year, but I don’t drink to excess and thought it was important to remind myself that it’s OK to have a tipple every now and then. Hence the lovely bottle of Shiraz which me and hubby enjoyed with roast beef a few weeks ago and the odd Jack Daniels snifter I’ve enjoyed of an evening.

IN PROGRESS…Visit Erica (one of my old Uni friends) – We’ve got a date in the diary for April

DONE… Debt free – woo hoo a stingy January rocks!

IN PROGRESS… Blog – duuuuuuhhhhh!

IN PROGRESS… Journal – so far I’ve written every day, even when I’ve been shattered. I didn’t even manage that with my teenage angst-ridden diaries

IN PROGRESS… Reading – so far I have completed one book this year and am now on my second.

IN PROGRESS… Go on a social media course at work – it’s booked!

IN PROGRESS… Do ‘some’ exercise once a day – I’m working a (hilly) two miles to and from work (so four miles) a day – that counts right?

IN PROGRESS… Get rid of the people who make you feel like crap – I’ve started noticing where my efforts aren’t appreciated and am saving that effort for those who do appreciate it.

Still not feeling the love? Here’s some videos to brighten your day…


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