Fun: My Blue Monday Gratitude List

Image credit: Yayer

I didn’t get chance to write one this morning, but here is my gratitude list for the day

1. The snow looks beautiful and still has a pleasing crunch

2. My wonderful husband gave me a lift to work this morning

3. The weather over the weekend gave us the perfect excuse to hibernate and watch DVDs

4. I get to watch ‘One Day’ on DVD tonight – I’ve been wanting to watch that for sooooo long

5. I wore my ‘killer heels’ to work today – no bad boy can get me down when I’ve got those baby’s on

6. Wonderful hubby is cooking honey and mustard chicken for tea – so good!

7. Wonderful hubby cleaned the kitchen today and it’s sparkling

8. Wonderful hubby came to pick me up from work this evening

9. Did I mention how wonderful my hubby is? ;o)

10. I did a couple of good deeds today, which will hopefully cheer others up

11. I got some cashback from Quidco

12. I completed my ironing pile for the week – woo hoo!

13. I had a yummy cup of Earl Grey when I got back from work – delish.

Sometimes it’s having the right attitude and appreciating the small stuff which makes you smile.

How has Blue Monday been for you?

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2 thoughts on “Fun: My Blue Monday Gratitude List

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