Found This & Thought it Was Fab: Sleepy Time Calculator

Sleepy Time Calculator

You know how it is… you’re nicely nestled under the duvet, dreaming that you’ve just scored the job of being the stylist for those David Beckham H&M underwear shoots when the alarm goes off and brings you crashing back down to earth… this puts you in a grump for the rest of the day.

Not so, with this clever web page it would seem. Y’see apparently we get grumpy when we’re woken in the middle of a sleep cycle, if we get woken up between sleep cycles then we’re likely to be much cheerier. The Sleepy Time Calculator allows you to either enter the time you’re going to bed, in which case it tells you the optimum time to set your alarm for; or when you’re going to set the alarm for, in which case it tells you what time you should be going to sleep – all so you can avoid waking up mid-cycle.

I’ve not tried it yet, but as someone who is a bit like a bear with Tequila-induced sore head most mornings I certainly will!


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