Fiction: Why I Love the Library – Part 1

Free Audio Books

The snow last weekend meant that all we wanted to do was hibernate. So when we took our stroll shuffle into town we picked up a couple of DVDs from the library (surely watching DVDs is the 21st century version of fire-gazing, no?).

Whilst we were there I came across this fab flyer…

Yes, that’s right you can now ‘borrow’ audio-books virtually from our local library, which means I can listen to them on my iPhone. Woo hoo!

I downloaded my first grown-up audio-book last year after some hefty eye surgery left me unable to read actual books. Now, I wouldn’t completely forsake the printed word for the spoken one, but it does make a welcome addition. There’s just something so indulgent, relaxing and soothing about having someone read to you. Plus it means you can multi-task. Ironing whilst listening to the latest Freya North? Yes please!

Nice one Dudley libraries!


One thought on “Fiction: Why I Love the Library – Part 1

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