Fact: Book Review: Lonely Planet Madrid City Guide

Fab pressie from the Jennie-in-law. So we can start planning our 2013 travels!

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Reading this travel guide has enabled me to get super-excited about our forthcoming trip to Madrid. I always tend to choose Lonely Planet guides to plan my trip itineraries. From humble roots, the Lonely Planet library has a guide for virtually any destination you’ve ever dreamed of visiting (and probably some that you’ve never even heard of). What they lack in photography (hey, most photos in other travel guides tend to be cheesy and dated anyway) they make up for in tips, insider information and in providing an alternative guide to your chosen destination, alongside the usual tourist hot spots.

OK, so the real test for this book will be once we arrive in Madrid. As we discovered in Kuala Lumpur, travel guides don’t always get it right. Over the bridge and up the hill the book said, in reality it was over the bridge, turn right, walk along the main road for about a mile and then turn left up the big hill next to the large resident monitor lizard. It’s OK it’s not as though it was the hottest day we’d experienced while we’d been over there or anything, or that we walking in the midday heat (it was, we were).

Kuala Lumpur Guide Book

A drink has never tasted so good!

With that in mind I will write another review of this guide when I return from our mini-break, but until then it’s given me a load of great ideas of what to do, see and, most importantly eat whilst we’re over there. Venga! Venga!

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4 thoughts on “Fact: Book Review: Lonely Planet Madrid City Guide

  1. I love lonely planet guides, but I agree… what happened to you in Kuala Lumpur happened to me in Iceland: those cliffs full of puffins were not “just straight down the road”, as I realised 2 hours drive later!!

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