Fashion: How Shoes Can be a Real Pick-Me-Up

Sometimes it really is the small things which make the most difference. Take shoes for example. And, no, I’m not talking expensive Manolo’s, just lovely, simple, pretty shoes.

The recent poor weather and the fact that hubby had taken a random week of annual leave meant that he was left playing snow taxi, which had an unexpected effect on my workplace footwear. You see normally I walk to work which means it’s sensible footwear all the way. But whilst everyone else was rocking snow boots I decided to make the most of getting a lift to and from the office. OK, so I wore my unattractive snow boots to and from the car. But concealed in a little bag were these beauties…

on Monday…

Shoe boots

These on Tuesday…


These on Wednesday…

Leopard print heels

Unfortunately I got the bus in on Thursday so was stuck in these all day…

Walking boots

And then back to the trusty UGGs on Friday as I was freeeeeeeeeezing…


It’s amazing how wearing something as insignificant (but fabulous) as pretty shoes can boost your mood. Everyday, with the exception of Thursday (snow boot day) and Friday (UGGs), I found myself floating around the office. In fact, I actually found myself smiling at my own feet on Wednesday (leopard print heels). It just goes to show that making that little bit of effort sometimes – whether that be styling your hair in a different way, painting your nails or wearing some sky-scrapers to work – can really brighten your day.

What’s your pick me up?


7 thoughts on “Fashion: How Shoes Can be a Real Pick-Me-Up

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