Fact: I’m Getting Old

I was starting to write a catch up entry about what I’ve been up to since going AWOL on the blog. As I began typing I realised something.

I’m getting old.

Yes, yes, I know we’re all ageing. But I guess it just hadn’t occurred to me how much my life has changed.

My post work beverage of choice! #old

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I’ve never really been one for reaching for the vino when I get back from the office. But likewise, I never used to reach for the kettle either. Now a cup of Earl Grey is my welcome home treat.

Addicted to these at the moment!

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And if I need a little pre-dinner snack while I wait for hubby to return from work? Oh yes, I’ll have some olives please.

In fact, when I do decide to participate in a little drinky-poos gone are the days of downing Smirnoff Ice and vodka and orange juice. Oh no, make it a nice glass of Shiraz or a G&T now please.

Shangri La Rasa Ria Borneo

I flick through a travel supplement free with a glossy mag and realise I’ve been to one of the featured five-star resorts and have considered a few others. What happened to Club 18-30 self-catering holidays in the Med?

After seeing the concert from Vienna on TV on New Years Day I am desperate to attend a classical concert. I pick up a leaflet about this from Symphony Hall. The last time I went there was to see a Jimmy Carr stand-up gig and I think the time before that was an East 17 concert.

I don’t mind getting old. I think I actually quite like it. But it is amazing how the things you thought you would never find yourself doing you now do on a daily basis. The other theory of course is that I’m not getting older I’m just becoming more middle class?


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