Festivities: Chinese New Year

If you look carefully you can spot me wearing a white scarf underneath the pink brolly to the right of the photo!

On Sunday hubby and I braved the cold and rain and headed into Birmingham to attend the Chinese New Year celebrations.

I’d been the previous year with a friend and decided that with our shared love of everything Eastern hubby should see it too.

We headed to the Arcadian centre and were greeted by a sea of umbrellas and some terribly grumpy Brummies. After standing around in the rain for about ten minutes trying our utmost to keep the Dunkirk spirit alive the first dragon dance of the day began and the crowd was mesmerised by the sea of colour and clever choreography which included some cheeky segues into the audience. At the end of the performance fireworks exploded from the roofs of the bars within the centre. Apparently to scare away the evil spirits and ensure a prosperous start to the year of the snake.

We stuck around to see the Birmingham Chinese Women’s Association dance and also a couple of acts from the Overseas Chinese Association School before heading back to the Bullring to defrost. In keeping with the Oriental theme we headed to Wagamama’s for lunch and then returned to take a look at the stalls which had been set up alongside the Arcadian centre, some of which were more authentic than others.

OK, so the rain and freezing temperatures meant that we didn’t indulge ourselves in the festivities as much as we would have ordinarily done (it started to snow as we were driving home) but still the fact remains Chinese New Year celebrations trump English ones every time! Sending someone outside with a lump of coal you say? Pah! Give me a dragon dance over that any day!

Oh and here’s my Chinese horoscope for the year of the snake. Not looking too shabby I’m pleased to report.

Monkey Horoscope


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