Finding Time: Back to the Blog


When you write a blog you start off with all of the best intentions. You’ll post interesting and engaging content everyday. You’ll take amazing photographs which leave your readers in a state of awe and inspiration. Then reality bites. You work full-time and fit blogging in around the day job. Finding the time to write the darn posts is difficult enough sometimes, let alone the time you spend shouting at your ancient iPhone 3GS to “hurry the f*** up” and capture that shot of the scrummiest food you’ve eaten… that day.

Perhaps it’s more hassle than it’s worth? Something else to add to an already burgeoning ‘to do’ list. But as I discovered during my unplanned two weeks off. When I don’t do it I really miss blogging.

So I’m sorry I disappeared. I wasn’t skiving I was busy. But I will try harder in the future to provide you regular content for my own enjoyment if nothing else.

And if you want to know what I was doing when I went AWOL for almost two weeks? Well…

*I got paid and did a little dance as the finances started to breathe a proper post-Christmas sigh of relief * I even went so far as setting up a savings account (an unheard of ‘proper grown-ups action for me) * I had a lazy day where I lay in the bath and read magazines, because sometimes you need to reboot * We went to the Jennie-in-Laws for dinner with her Irish relatives, they plied me with far too much red wine * I worked over at work lots… in preparation for our new product launch * I worked over at work lots… during our new product launch * I worked over at work lots… after our new product launch * We celebrated the eight year anniversary of when me and hubby went on our first date with a candlelit Chinese take-away * I endured a day of ‘torture’ – waxing and eyebrow threading – joy * We went to Chinese New Year * Bestie and I sold our tickets for X Factor Live as Bestie was poorly and it wouldn’t have been the same without her * I drank tea * I watched Mr Selfridge * We made lots of exciting plans for the coming weeks…

Life is too short to feel guilty about what we haven’t done, but too short not to enjoy what we are doing… This blogger is BACK!


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