Film & TV: The Brit Awards

Well, that was very dignified wasn’t it? Last night’s Brit Awards lacked their usual boisterous behaviour. There was no one fingered salute from an angered pop diva, nor was there an impromptu stage invasion by an indie misfit. The naughty stage antics which we’ve come to know and love were gone. Host, James Corden, planting a cheeky smacker on Grimmy’s lips was about as racy as things got. Even the majority of the female performers managed to keep their clothes on, with the exception of Taylor Swift. But hey Harry was there. Girls gotta show a man what he’s missing, right? Unfortunately clothing seemed to be in rather shorter supply for some of the women presenting the awards but hey ho-hum.

Did I enjoy it? Mostly. And when I say mostly, I mean mostly the parts which featured Robbie. He made a delightful three appearances. Resplendent firstly in an electric blue suit, before changing into a purple number which made him look like a delectable Dairy Milk that I’d love to unwrap. Sober Robbie is becoming a veteran of the pop world. A supportive uncle to the younger bands and just a genuinely nice guy. Love it. Love him.

With the exception of him… well, there was Justin. Granted I don’t think his new song has the gravitas of ‘Like I Love You’ but he still managed to set the stage on fire and many a lady’s heart a-flutter if my Twitter feed was anything to go by.

The script was predictably so, so, which seems to be a prerequisite for any awards ceremony. And, seriously, Damien Hirst you couldn’t think of a more original design for the awards? If I’d have been winning one I’d have rather they’d been modelled on your diamond encrusted skull piece than your many dotty incarnations, which now seem a bit Tate-to-Tate boat circa early noughties.

As for the winners… well I’ve got no idea who Ben Howard is, but it’s standard that at least one person I’ve never heard of wins an award. Make that two… winner of the Breakthrough act was Tom Odele, who he? Although as last years winner was Emile Sande we can certainly expect to be hearing a lot more from he with the floppy mop. To be fair Emile Sande, with her powerful voice and inspiring intelligence, deserved her awards, although didn’t we all breathe a little sigh of relief when she said she was taking a break for a while? I think we may have had a slight overload of her after London 2012. I’m guessing that Coldplay picking up their award for Best Live Act was also a continuation of the ‘services to London 2012’ theme following their performance concert at the para, para, Paralympics.

Mumford and Sons for Best Group? Yeah, OK, they spin a good toe-tapping yarn. Lana Del Ray for Best International Female? Not my cup of tea and a tad predictable, but fair enough. I don’t know enough about the Black Keys to pass comment on their award, but can’t help feeling that FUN woz robbed. Speaking of robbed… does anyone else not find it slightly suspicious that Adele won an award for her single Skyfall? I’m not saying it’s not a good song, but it was up against some strong contenders. Conspiracy theorists might say the Brits were trying to make amends for cutting her acceptance speech short last year…

Go here For the full list of winners.

Did you watch The Brits? Too tame, so lame? Or good clean fun?


2 thoughts on “Film & TV: The Brit Awards

  1. I started watching towards the end and I did not know that Tom Odell had won! I like him, but yes, haha, the mop-BorisJohnson-hair definitely are not a good business card! I particularly like his song “Can’t Pretend” ..A very nice ballad with lovely words 🙂 (PS: no idea who Ben Howard is either!)

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