Fun: Hurry up March!

As you may have been able to tell from last nights blog post, this week has been one of those weeks. One of those weeks which bitch-slaps you around the face and then leaves you in a ditch. Don’t get me wrong, no one died. We still have our health and a roof over our heads and all that jazz. But it’s been full of nasty actions, confusing communication, bitching and uncertainty. I can’t reveal what’s going on at the moment. But what I can reveal is that I’m trying desperately hard not to let it get me down. Before the black cloud descended on us I was full of optimism and excitement for March, something which I’m keen to reinstate over the weekend. Why am I excited for March I hear you ask? Let me tell you…

I get two pay days!Oh yes, because my company works to an American system I get paid twice in March. And because of the way that hubby and I work our finances I get to spend the second pay packet on whatever I please – woo hoo!

I get a car!
Yep, hubby is moving onto bigger and better things which means I’m having his old Corsa. After being car free for almost two years I can’t wait to have my independence back. Watch out world!

Hubby gets a brand new car!
And it’s lush and comfy and has lots of buttons which do magical things. And I reckon the passenger seat is just made for snoozing on long motorway journeys. Oh yes!

I’m looking to get an iPhone 5!
My 3GS is looking a little, well, loved if you want to sugar coat it, but worn might be the correct term! It still works but it’s running a bit slow and has a nice crack on the back where I’ve dropped it a dozen times. As I use my phone a lot for blogging I want one I can rely on, hence the proposed purchase.

I have an eye test!
Not something to normally get excited about I know. But an eye test means long overdue new glasses. My current ones are knackered and not the right prescription since my eye surgery last year.

It’s Mothers’ Day!
Who doesn’t love an excuse to say thanks mom?

I’m getting a new do!
Yup, a haircut is on the cards and I’m thinking of trialling something slightly different.

It’s my birthday!
Which means presents, cakes, being the centre of attention, wine, a delicious meal out at the place we got hitched. Oh and a shopping trip to London where I’m looking to purchase the Orla Kiely bag I’ve had my eye on, munch some Laudree macaroons and hopefully complete the day with something fizzy here.

See… even if the nasty stuff is still going on, March is going to be a good month!

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