Fun: March is What You Make It

So yes, I’m counting down the days to March. New (scond-hand) car, new hair, new phone, new glasses… But I can’t help but think there’s something deeper than that…

Perhaps it’s the shiny new materialistic goodies that are acting like a catalyst? Or the fact that random things seem to be falling into place recently (I need an eye test and a voucher for my optometrist of choice pops through the letterbox, hubby’s ideal car is just sitting there at the garage, I want to get back into driving and I get an email about free refresher lessons)? It could be that this past week has been less than fun? Or perhaps the fact that I’ve put March on a pedestal (think Westlife pre key-change)? Whatever it is, March now has an almost magical status to me. I need to do everything in my willpower to make it as brilliant as it feels it should be. And who knows some c-c-c-c-changes might be on the cards…


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