Fact, Fiction & Fun: What I’m Reading #5

Red Magazine
My subscription to Red magazine was a gift from my husband for our wedding anniversary last October. As paper is the traditional gift for the first anniversary and I’m a total magazine addict it was a pretty spot on present. Even more so because, of all the glossies, Red is my absolute favourite. It somehow seems to incorporate all the usual suspects – real life, beauty, health, fashion, culture – in an aspirational, yet no-nonsense way. Sure,the fashion is out of my budget…but then the career advice, the articles on work-life balance, the focus on creative inspiring women living the lives they’ve dreamed of (but still struggling with the day-to-day) – I feel as though they’re talking to me. Hell, I feel as though some of those articles are written for me. I get so excited when the latest edition drops into my letterbox and enjoy devouring its contents throughout the month.

I really think the Editor, Sam Baker, has had a strong influence on the magazine, which is why I felt a little sad when I read that this is her last edition of Red. Whilst I have no doubt that whoever picks up the baton will do an amazing job. there was something about Sam which I admired. Let’s be clear I’ve never met her, so I am basing my assumptions on a few editors letters and articles throughout the magazine, but the impression I get is of a free-spirited, self-assured woman, who takes an interest in fashion and beauty but isn’t consumed by it. It’s not going to be the end of the world if she breaks a nail. She would rather be experiencing life, putting people at ease – unless it’s deadline day of course then I can imagine she would kick ass. But I reckon that would be part of her appeal too. And I guess I like that idea because some of that reminds me of myself. Sure I like to look groomed, but not to within inch of my life. Will an overly done hairstyle and perfectly arched brow win me that business? No, but smart, quick-thinking, intelligence, wit and clothing I feel comfortable in just might. 
I may have it all wrong. Perhaps the Red offices were more like the Devil Wears Prada than I would like to imagine, but I doubt it. 
Whatever the truth/ I’ve enjoyed reading Red under Sam’s editorship. Thanks Sam and good luck with whatever you go on to do next. 

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