Fan Girl: Ny-Lon

Image Credit: Channel 4

Boy meets girl. Girl lives in New York. Boy lives in London. Girl is a bo-ho babe. Boy is a hot-shot stockbroker.

Sound familiar?

I’m talking Ny-Lon. This seven-part series was first screened on Channel 4 back in 2004 and charted the relationship woes of a couple brought together by a chance meeting, but separated by the Atlantic Ocean. I loved it first time around so when I stumbled across the series on 4OD one dreary Sunday evening I was super-excited to indulge in a second viewing.

Image credit:

Was it as good second time around? Oh yes! Michael’s arrogant city banker juxtaposed against Edie’s boho rock chick. The sweeping shots of London and New York. The unexpected gritty twists and turns. The will they, won’t they love story. Even my husband, who usually rolls his eyes at my TV choices, has got into it.

We’ve got two episodes left to watch and I honestly can’t remember how the series ends which is making it even more gripping.

If you want something to cheer up the chilly nights check it out!


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