Fundamentals: My New Routine

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Once I’d decided I needed a routine so that I could fit more good stuff into my day (and not just while away my evenings falling asleep on the sofa with re-runs of the Kardashian’s playing in the background) I took out my trusty yellow pad and go to thinking…

First of all I thought about all the mandatory things I needed to do: cleaning, brushing my teeth, cooking dinner, commuting to work, sleeping…

Then I thought about my goals: what were they? what actions could I put in place to make sure I was working towards them?

Next up I thought about what my ideal day would look like.

From here I could pull together a daily schedule.

I started by breaking down my waking day into half-hour segments. I took out the hours when I’m at work, except for my lunch break. Then I added appropriate tasks alongside each segment. I’ll go through my individual routines for beauty, housework and other areas in more detail in future blog posts, but to give an overview there’s mostly beauty tasks in the morning and then I have a small amount of chores and work towards my goals assigned to each evening.

I’m on day three of working to the new routine and so far, so good. It’s taking discipline to get home and do some housework rather than slump on the sofa, but I know that by doing a little bit each night it means I have less to do at the weekend which means more time for fun and personal development. Plus the schedule is still flexible enough that I can double-up on tasks one-night if I know I’m not going to have time to do something the following night. For example, last night I cleaned the bathroom, watered the plants and did two loads of washing as I knew I would have to work late tonight.

Rock-and-roll, it ain’t but I’m hoping that a little more organisation most of the time will make finding time for guilt-free fun easier.


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