Four Wheels: Why I Can’t Wait to Get my Car

I walked to work this morning in glorious sunshine and walked home in daylight too. I actually managed to make it home before it went dark.

That’s a definite one for the gratitude list. I’ve been walking to and from work for a while now. At first it wasn’t too bad. My company was located just half-a-mile up the road and on a good day a stroll along the canal became my morning commute. When they moved two miles away that stroll became a trek through housing estates, with some super-steep hills thrown in for good measure. Today I completed my last walking commute to and from work and what a fabulous finish, what with the weather and the light nights, and no dogs trying to attack/mate with my UGG boots.

You see this weekend I get my mitts on my new car. I say new. It might be 1st March but there’s no new reg for me. Hubby is purchasing a future-proof five door with bells, whistles, automatic windscreen wipers and more gadgetry than I’ll ever figure out how to use (there’s even a compartment for your sunglasses – amaze!), which means I’m having his old ’08’ reg Corsa. I can’t wait. After being reliant on lifts from friends and family, public transport and my own two feet for the past couple of years the idea of having some wheels to call my own makes me do a little excited dance. And here’s what I’m looking forward to…

  • Driving down country lanes on sunny days with the windows open and the tunes up loud
  • Visiting my bestie on evenings, weekends and, well, whenever the hell we feel the need to catch-up
  • Waking up on a Saturday (when Hubby is generally at work) and deciding to go shopping/out for lunch/to Hobbycraft and being able to go
  • In fact, make that being able to go to Hobbycraft solo and spend as long as I want there. Hubby doesn’t find it such a fulfilling experience for some reason..?
  • Going to the Safari Park. Sure, I’ve been there before, but I’ve never driven and I quite fancy it
  • Taking my mom out for lunch
  • Going to the Jinney Ring to chill on sunny Sundays
  • Not having to worry about having too many shopping bags to comfortably fit on the bus (my mom suggested that we get a taxi home from last years Christmas shopping fest such was our baggage)
  • Being able to repay people for all the lifts they’ve given to me. Sure, it’s been nice drinking wine with every meal, but now it’s my turn to play designated driver too
  • Taking myself off for a solo trip around a gallery or a museum, just because
  • Changing gear – I know – it’s weird but it gives me a sense of power
  • Driving to Bicester for bargains galore
  • Day trips with my girlfriends – ROAD TRIP!!!
  • Catching up with some people I’ve not seen in a long while
  • Having somewhere to make those phone calls. You really don’t want the whole office to be listening in when you call to make an appointment for a Brazilian
  • Being able to wear heels for work. Sure I’ll drive in flats, but then I can get changed. Lugging a spare pair of shoes on a two-mile walk into the office isn’t so much fun
  • Having central-locking, power steering, electric windows, cup holders and the ability to plug my iPod into the stereo system – my old car didn’t have any of those things
  • Making the car my own – Don’t worry I’m not going to paint in pink or anything, I’m quite a bloke when it comes to cars. But there should be some subtle changes to make the car feel my own
  • Buying sweets to munch on while I drive – naughty, but who doesn’t love a Tangfastic when they’re motoring down the M40?

Hey ho to the open road!


5 thoughts on “Four Wheels: Why I Can’t Wait to Get my Car

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