Fun: You’ve Got to Accentuate the Positives…

Image credit: theprincesslittlebox

I’ve been feeling very Monday-ish today. So to save boring you with a tiresome first world woes style moan I thought I’d focus on all of the fabulous stuff which has made me happy between Friday and, er, now

Driving…lots…with hubby, without hubby, considering it’s been three years since I last drove I think I’m doing pretty well * Listening to Emilie Sande * Buying an iPhone5 * Pay day * Leaving work at 5pm and it still being light * Early nights * Avoiding getting burned when my phone charger cable went into meltdown * cutting my nails…weird, I know, but they annoy me when they’re too long * Hubby picking up his new car – it’s lush and super comfy * Hubby taking me and his Dad here for lunch * An impromptu visit to the Jennie-in-Law complete with tea and biscuits * An impromptu dinner with sis and bro in law complete with a couple of glasses of delish wine * Pubs in Belbroughton * Driving over the Clee Hills…so pretty * Sheep * A day trip to Ludlow * Drinking hot chocolate with the full works and munching on coffee and walnut cake whilst looking at the cutest Pug * Wandering around Ludlow Castle in the cold * Finding the perfect card for an occasion that’s coming up later this month * Dual zone climate control in hubbys car * Listening to Swedish House Mafia with hubby’s Dad…he loved it * Signing up to Vine * Plans for a future road trip to Wales * Central locking * Central heating * Spring sunshine * Watching the penultimate Ny-Lon *


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