Fundamentals: My Need for Routine

Image Credit: readalert

As I was ticking tasks off my daily ‘to do’ list it dawned on me that I’ve always had a slight hankering for routine.

Image Credit: mightylittleacorns

Back when I was a kid I remember having this picture book, which captures the morning activities of a young girl. She wakes, she brushes her teeth, she gets dressed – her morning routine is all depicted in beautiful sketches.

Image credit: The Times

I was obsessed with this book when I was a child. I used to take it to bed with me and wake up in the morning trying to follow the stages of the book. I even went so far as taking my ‘Ragdolly Anna‘ into the bathroom one day in a similar style to the girl in the book does with her doll.

Image Credit: The Guardian

I’m not sure what this says about me. I’m sure there’s all kind of psychobabble that could be applied. But, for me, I simply find this blast from the past kind of comforting.

P.S. Can you imagine if they did a ‘grown-up’ version? It would need to be telephone directory sized – what with the flossing, mouth-washing, shaving, plucking, moisturising and general maintenance which we have to undertake now!


2 thoughts on “Fundamentals: My Need for Routine

  1. Ha, I would love to see a grown-up version! Mine, however, would very much look like alarm-rings / snoozes / late for work / swears / shower in 3 minutes / no breakfast / stuck in traffic… uhhm…

    • Ha, ha! I think mine would be similiar, although would definitely include *considers straightening hair – looks at clock – ties hair up & runs out of the door*. x

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