Faff: I Say No to Anymore Snow

Image Credit: NPSCA

C’mon I can’t be the only one whose bored of the white stuff? It’s spring for chrissakes. We’re supposed to be bounding around on country walks oohing and ahhing at the ‘ickle lambies and beautiful swathes of daffodils.

Instead, we’re stuck with slippy, sloppy pavements, arctic winds and miserable grey skies. Sigh.

Plus, there’s the havoc which snow causes. It looks as though my second Drive Confident lesson may have to be cancelled tomorrow – unless the instructor can provide lessons in driving a snow plough…now that might be useful. Then there’s all the wonderful clothes I bought during my birthday expedition to Covent Garden on Monday. I WANT to wear them, god damn it! I want to do the annoying awkward blogger pose as I take a photo of my new items and post them on here. But I bloody can’t ‘cuz I’m stuck in the same bad weather clothing which I’ve been wearing for the past three months. Boo blooming hiss!


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