Frustration: What Would Beyonce Do?

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Let’s re-e-wind (when the crowd say bo selecta!) back to Thursday…

Having enjoyed two blissful days of holiday on Monday and Tuesday I’ve only worked one full day thus far this week. And, that wasn’t a bad day, I caught up on emails, organised some new campaigns, caught up on the all-important office gossip and made some amends to artwork amongst other things… I left feeling good and positive that the rest of the week would be tickitty boo too.

So why do I wake up on Thursday morning feeling like I’ve been run over by a steam roller? For no apparent reason I have the stomach upset from hell. I jump in the car, driving doesn’t normally take this much concentration. I rub my belly as I stop at the lights. I try to ignore the gurgles in the pit of my belly, but they won’t go away. I’ll starve the bug out, I think. Water and only bland food. It works, to a point, but then I’m left feeling dizzy. I walk over to my colleagues desk to pass on some artwork amends. It’s literally three steps away, yet I have to psyche myself up to it. I normally kneel on the floor as I feedback the amends to her. I daren’t. I grab the rickety chair and run through the artwork, really having to think about how I’m going to make it back to my desk. I shovel some lunch and sugary sweets down in the hope that it will stop me from passing out. Things which are usually so easy seem to take all of my energy and concentration.

I get home. Hubby isn’t back yet. I get changed into my PJs and a fleecy sweater, grab the blanket and lay down on the sofa. I stay on the sofa all night. Napping, eating bland food, watching Suits. Hubby wakes me when it’s time to go to bed. Similarly I fall fast asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I wake up, it’s Friday. There’s a sprinkling of sludgy snow. I’m tired. I ache. I can’t lay in bed as I wish I could. I drag my sorry ass out of bed and into the shower. Pull yourself together I think, you need to get through today. And, then it comes to me. I need to live today using the mantra I made up many months ago…

What would Beyonce do?

I pull on my Hillfiger hoody, faded jeans and Ugg boots. Today is no day for high fashion. I apply my brave face through layers of foundation, mascara and blusher. I pop a packet of Immodium in my handbag, just in case, and I head out of the door. I’ve never driven in snow before, but it’s OK.

What would Beyonce do?

She wouldn’t be scared of no snow, that’s fo’ sho’ (although on second thoughts she might be, do they have snow in Texas?). I jumped in my car and headed in the direction of work. No screeches, no skids and I even managed to tackle a very busy traffic island with no real issues.

My morning passed in a haze of proof reading. Then came lunch. I wanted to go to Merry Hill and get a McDonald’s (not very Beyonce, nor very good for me, I agree, but something which seems to suit me post upset tummy). I found a list of reasons not to go, buts, if you like. It will be busy, there’s snow, what if I can’t park… Then I stopped…

What would Beyonce do?

To be honest she probably wouldn’t go to Maccy D’s in the first place. But if she was craving a maple syrup shake, or whatever the latest diet she’s rumoured to be on entails, she would go get it. And that’s just what I did.

What would Beyonce do?

Anything she blooming well pleases. Not because she’s rich, or selfish, or powerful. But because she realises that, quite often, even when something seems scary and it’s really easy to talk yourself out of it, if you just roll up your sleeves and get on with it it’s amazing what you can achieve.

What do you reckon? What would Beyonce do? Good mantra to live life by, or shallow sentiment?


9 thoughts on “Frustration: What Would Beyonce Do?

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