Food: My First Fuffle

I am about to try this, what I had for my birfdae. I am intrigued…

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It’s only something small. It combines two of your favourite things

That was what my work colleague said to me as she presented me with a small, but weighty, gift bag containing my birthday present. I knew it had to contain chocolate. The office find my need to have chocolate at 10am each day hilarious…

What? I say, it’s only acceptable before 10am if it’s Nutella, or in a Pain Au Chocolat, or on a pancake, or you’re having a really bad day

I reckon that’s fair game, right?

Two of your favourite things

mused another colleague, before guessing at…

Chocolate and marketing..

Fortunately, my gift-giving colleague knew me better than that and so I tried my first Fuffle bar. And not just any Fuffle bar. Oh no, a JD’s Choc Rocket Jack Daniels’ Fuffle Chocolate. It really did combine two of my favourite things.


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A post shared by Samantha Heathcock (@samheathcock) on

Unwrap the classy paper packaging, tear back the foil and you’ll see a 100g bar of what, at first, looks like fudge. But look more closely and you can see it’s lighter, it almost has a sponge-like appearance. Break a chunk of and let it melt in your mouth… Fudge or truffle? You decide… Proclaims the packaging. And do you know what, they’ve kinda got that spot on. It’s not as heavy as a fudge, nor as light as a truffle. What it is, however, is super yum. Rich and filled with chocolately, Jack Daniel’s flavour it’s the perfect ‘hard day at the office’ sweet treat (for when you get home obviously, it contains 4% Jack Daniels).

Now I just need to find somewhere to hide this away from my JD loving in-laws!

I’ve googled and Fuffle bars are available here. The JD one would make a fab Father’s Day gift.


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