Fun: Moomin Madness

Happiness is a shop full of Moomins.

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Oh my! Was I happy lady when I went to Covent Garden as part of my weekend of birthday celebrations. Yes, yes, the tea and macaroon at Laduree was lovely, and the clothes I bought were fabulous. But, but, but… nothing made me smile quite as much as the Moomin shop. I adore Moomin’s. They’re clever and cute and loveable – just like me – a-hem!

The entrance to the Moomin shop is magical in itself. Wooden panels and cut outs of Moomin shaped characters line the hallway, with a finger-post pointing up the stairs to ‘Moomin Land’. Climb the wooden stairs and you’re greeted by more Moomin cut-outs before you enter the store and are greeted by a smorsgaboard of Finnish Moomin madness. Seriously there’s virtually nothing which has escaped the Moomin branding in this store. Toiletry bags, bookmarks, trays, bags, the obvious books, alarm clocks, tea light holders. You name it, you can Moomin it.

Moomin madness

A post shared by Samantha Heathcock (@samheathcock) on

One thing I’ve always noticed is that Moomin paraphernalia tends to be a tad, erm, expensive. I put back a tray as the price tag almost made my eyes water and one mug was retailing for over £100 – it was in a glass cabinet, so I am assuming (hoping) it was a limited edition. What I did however, treat myself to was this little beauty. I’ve been after a new key ring for sometime now after my last one broke. I’d never though key rings were particularly vital, but not having one really did make my keys look dull and also meant they hid behind every possible object in my handbag. Now, not only can I find my keys, but I can smile at the bit of Moomin magic attached to them. Love it!

Moomin Snork Maiden key ring, £6.50, The Moomin Store, Covent Garden. Also available here.


2 thoughts on “Fun: Moomin Madness

    • Why, thank you my fellow Moomin lover. It’s not long until Easter now… What’s first on your wishlist?

      P.S. I’ve just taken a look at your blog and it’s fab. Although now I know about the Moomin PJs at Top Shop and am very, very tempted – roll on payday!

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