Fangirl: Girls

Image Credit: Crushable

It’s the TV show that all the women’s mags, radio stations and people who can afford Sky Atlantic are talking about – Girls.

Touted as the new Sex and the City, Girls charts the mis-haps of four feisty females in New York as they are (in the words of the cover) ‘living the dream, one mistake at a time’.

As a massive Sex and the City fan I was intrigued, although also slightly apprehensive. Would I feel as though I was cheating on Carrie et al? What if is was a duff imitation? What if the only similarity was that it’s about four women in New York, one of which happens to be a writer.

I slipped the DVD in and pressed play. Firstly, Girls, is about just that. Think ‘The Carrie Diaries’ more so than Sex and the City. Whereas Carrie and her pals are pretty much established when we meet them, Hannah and co. are still finding their feet. There are relationships, sex, comedy moments, cringey moments – lots of cringey moments. Yes, it’s a bit like Sex and the City… but it’s much, much grittier.

With a witty script, a great soundtrack and super short episodes, it’s the sort of box set where you find yourself watching at least three in one sitting. And, although I liked it from the start, it wasn’t until I got a little deeper into the series that it completely grabbed me. I don’t know if it’s because I moved down to London with wide-eyed dreams after I graduated, but there were certain points which really resonated with me. I don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t seen the series yet, but, for example, when Hannah returns to her hometown to stay with her parent’s for the weekend I could totally relate to that little voice in your head that says: you don’t really fit in around here anymore, but life would be so much easier (and cheaper) if you did.

For me, that’s just one of the ‘OMG yes’ moments. There are loads more scattered throughout the series. And that’s what I loved about it. It’s fresh, it’s gritty, it’s got the mistakes that if you’re of a certain age you’ve probably already made (if you’re younger, beware, you probably still have to work through them). These girls work to pay their rent, not to fund their shoe habit and that is so refreshing. In between the comedy there are some cute nuggets of wisdom. I love the notion of ‘do it for the story’, something I should perhaps live by occasionally. as I do have a tendency to wear my Miss Sensible hat a little to often these days.

Fancy watching girls? The series one box set is available here.


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