Festivities: The Easter Weekend – A DIY Bonanza

Image Credit: Farm 5

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’m an atheist, or perhaps that I’ve never really believed in the Easter bunny. Either way I’ve never really felt the love for Easter. Sure, it’s lovely to have some extra time off work. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with family and friends, especially on Easter Sunday when, like, NOTHING is open. It’s also a fabulous excuse to eat stomach churning quantities of chocolate.



Hubby and I spent most of the Easter break decorating our en-suite (there truly is no way to say that without sounding completely pretentious). I may have mentioned before, we moved into our apartment about four years ago and until recently the whole place was a sea of magnolia. We’re slowly working through the rooms adding a bit of character, which is why we opted for a moody slate grey in the en-suite. So, yes, the majority of our weekend was spent cleaning, sanding, prepping, painting, glossing and visiting Ikea. Visiting Ikea on a Bank Holiday weekend was perhaps a mistake. We felt like ants caught in a well-furnished colony as we made our way through the departments along with the masses of people with nothing better to do. Fortunately we had a shopping list and managed to navigate to the products we needed and make our way out as quickly as possible. I’ll post some photos of our new look room just as soon as we’ve got it back to normal. At the moment it’s a sea of step ladders and dust sheets, and the half assembled furniture is lay behind the sofa in the lounge. Oops!

As well as the decorating…

  • I went to visit my mom – cuppas, cakes and catch ups – perfect!
  • I drank Jack Daniels whilst watching the Beyoncé documentary (Life is But a Dream) on catch-up. I bloody love that woman.
  • We went to the Jennie-in-Law’s for Sunday dinner and ate the most delicious roast – yum!
  • We had some sad news about someone (who I won’t name – I’m happy to tell you all about me, but it’s not fair to tell you about everyone else that I know!) who has suffered a heart attack and is now waiting on surgery for a triple bypass – really makes you think about what you put into your body…
  • Watched 24 Redemption – It’s been so long since we watched 24 and I think Homeland has confused my brain since, but it was still ace – although no screams of Get the schematics Chloe in this one
  • Sorted my finances – I get two pay days in March and because of the way we work our finances I get to keep the second one all for myself (cue evil laughter). And I’ve been super good by putting most of it into savings!

Did I celebrate Easter? Well, I wrote hubby’s Easter cards for him/us, I gave my mom a Lindt Easter bunny, hubby and I exchanged eggs (he got me a Galaxy egg, I got him a Lindor by Lindt one) and I ate lamb with the family. So, yes, I guess in a way I did. I’m still sceptical of a bunny who delivers eggs…

How did you spend your Easter break?


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