Fulfillment: Book Review: Now Is The Time


This lovely book was a gift from my mother for my birthday.

I know you like that kind of thing… she said, as I unwrapped it.

She’s right, I do.

Now Is the Time is a tome of short sentiments, or musings if you like, on a variety of topics, including: organ donation, goals, love, nature and technology.

The entries act almost like mini meditations. Each one begins with ‘Now is the time to…’ and then through a few short lines of prose gives you something to muse over, before finishing off with a nice quote to prove the point.

Who doesn’t love a piece of inspirational prose and a good quote? The fact that legions of people rep in ‘Sayings I Like’ on Pinterest suggests that most people do!

The book is small, with a cute banksy-esque illustration on the front. It’s also a hardback, produced from a heavy paperstock and very minimally laid out, which lends it a classy appeal, making it a great book to give as a gift.

I loved it, I read it all the way through in two sittings and some of the pieces and quotations really resonated with me (so expect some of them to be cropping up in future blog posts). The book is now nestled on my ‘posh’ bookshelf ready for me to pick up at times when I’m feeling a bit Grumplestiltskin, or when I just need a bit of inspiration.

One of my favourite bits?20130409-190509.jpg

Fabulous rating: 5/5.


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