Fan girl: Beyonce – the Mrs Carter Show at the LG Arena, Birmingham – Part 1

As spontaneous indulgent decisions go, getting tickets to see Beyoncé at the LG Arena in Birmingham was one of my better ones. If not my best yet.

I’d wanted to get tickets when the tour was originally announced, but missed out for some reason (I forget why). Plus, I couldn’t justify the cost (£85 per ticket, plus booking fee – eek!). Then – as Beyoncé hit Birmingham on Friday for the first of two nights – the hype began. It was all local radio could talk about, and being that the Birmingham shows were her first in the UK the reviews were everywhere. I searched for some videos on You Tube and came across this beauty…

Wowsers! I wasn’t feeling too hot on Friday. Having taken numerous flights earlier in the week I’d been struck with a case of coach class lurg. But a humungous lay-in and an afternoon spent vegging on the sofa in my PJs, watching my favourite vloggers, restored my energy and I knew that, if I could, I had to get tickets to the evening’s gig. I couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to see my numero uno gal in my (almost) hometown.

I logged onto the LG Arena’s website and watched tickets appear and vanish on each refresh. There was only one issue…. Hubby was at work and had no idea of my last-minute plotting. Could he get home and then get us to the arena in time to see Queen Bey take to the stage? A quick phone call to a very helpful lady confirmed he could, Beyoncé wasn’t due on until 9pm. Woo hoo! Now just to nab those elusive (not to mention expensive) tickets. I decided to give myself until 4pm, at which point I would give up, decide it wasn’t meant to be and sulk all evening.

Refresh, refresh, refresh. One ticket. No good. Two tickets but when I click through I get an error message. No good. And then, at five-to-four two tickets in block two become available. I nab them quick smart. I text Hubby… Erm, she’s not on until 9pm & I’ve just purchased two stage side tickets. Sorry honey I’m dragging you to see Queen Bey tonight! I am so excited I am shaking! Give me a call when you’re out of your training”.

Hubby did. He then raced back from work, got changed in super-fast time and drove us to Maccy D’s to chuck an unhealthy, but speedy, dinner down our necks and got us to the arena in time. Big shout out to Hubby for this, as not only did have to rush around as if he had a little blue bottom, but he’s also not the biggest Beyoncé fan. We picked up our tickets, took our seats (with a superb and super-close view of the stage) and waited…

To be continued…


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