Faff & Feel Good: My Unexpected Madrid Haul – Part 1 Beauty Products

In the end it took us 12-hours to get to Madrid. We could have got to Malaysia in the same amount of time. I joked to Hubby that we must be the first people to get jet-lag by taking a flight from the UK to Spain. We landed at 10:30 in the evening instead of 3:30 in the afternoon and made our way to the luggage carousel to pick up our bags. Things didn’t look good as we approached. Two solitary cases made their way slowly around the carousel, before it clunked to a stop and the gates closed. Our cases were nowhere to be seen. We went over to the lost property desk who told us that our cases were stuck in Barcelona. They’d transferred OK on the two Air France flights which we had taken, but hadn’t made it on-board our last Air Europa flight. They wouldn’t make their way through to us at the hotel until around 6pm the following evening, when we were due to be at the Real Madrid Vs Real Betis match. I now had nothing to wear.

Frustrated by how long our journey had taken, feeling tired, feeling cross – but trying to be positive we took a taxi to our hotel. The taxi driver looked bemused that we didn’t have any cases but obviously daren’t ask. I was reminded of this Rhod Gilbert sketch…

We arrived at our hotel and told them to expect our cases the following day and then headed to a fantastic American Diner over the road from our hotel for an exceedingly strong (and much needed) Mojito and some sustenance.

MojitoAmerican Diner Madrid

The following morning I washed my face with a bar of soap, brushed my teeth with the free toothbrush which the hotel had provided and some very strange toothpaste. Put on yesterday’s clothes and headed out to find some shops. I wasn’t planning a shopping spree in Madrid, but in the end it was necessary, so this is part one of what I purchased on my haul…

A girl cannot look good with just soap, shower gel, toothpaste and a toothbrush. So my first port of call was to stock up on enough toiletries to see me through the day. As I was having to spend money which I hadn’t really budgeted for I decided to use it as an opportunity to try out some products which I’ve been coveting for a little while. Thank goodness for Spanish cosmetics stores.  I will review each of the products in a future blog post.

The Body Shop Seaweed Face Wash and Moisturiser

I’ve read good reviews of these products online. With skin like an oil-slick at times I reckoned they were worth a try.
Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash, The Body Shop €10 (£8 in the UK)

Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion, The Body Shop €18 (£11 in the UK)


After 12-hours of travelling my hair was long overdue a wash. These miniatures from The Body Shop were just the ticket.
Rainforest Shine/Brilliance Shampoo
, The Body Shop, €1 travel size (£4.50 in the UK for 250ml)Rainforest Shine/Brilliance Conditioner, The Body Shop €1 travel size (£2.00 for same size in the UK)


L’Oreal le teint Accord Perfect – Rose Natural, Gilgo Perfumerias, €18.39 (True Match Liquid Foundation in the UK, £10.29 from Boots)


I’ve wanted another neutrals palette to complement my Naked 2 for a while and I’ve wanted to try a peach blush for aaages!
Astor Colour Vision Eye Shadow Palette in 125 Magic Brown, Gilgo Perfumerias €10.80, Astor Pure Color Perfect Blush 005 Juicy Peach, Gilgo Perfumerias €7.50 


Super Volume Mascara in 01, The Body Shop, €14 (£10 in the UK)


As someone with a tendency to perspire when under pressure I’ve been meaning to try this.
Nivea Stress Protect Anti-perspirant roll-on deodarant, Gilgo Perfumerias €2.09 (£1.05 Boots)

I’ve been thinking that my blusher brush has seen better days anyway so, Beter Professional make-up brushes, angled blusher brush and small eye-shadow brush, Gilgo Perfumerias (€6.89 & €4.19)DSCN4009

And this was a freebie…not sure if that means the lady in the shop thought I whiffed a bit?! Miss Dior Eau De Parfum sampler – spookily one of my faves!


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