Flu: An Unwelcome Interruption

Image Credit: whatisstomachflu

Life is full of ups and downs. When fun, fabulousness and fulfillment come a’knocking, you can guarantee their ‘friends’ faff, failure and f*ck up are never too far around the corner. Which is why after spending the last few weekends lording it up in Madrid (it did get good once we got clothes, honest, I just haven’t got around to telling you about that bit yet) and watching the uber-tastic Queen Bey, I found myself struck down with a proper layed-up in bed, sweating and aching stomach bug.

We spent last weekend redecorating the kitchen. Nothing out-there, just another coat of white on the ceiling, magnolia on the walls and gloss on the wood and metal work. It looks better for it, although it didn’t look that bad before to be honest. Not wanting to ruin our handiwork, we decided that eating out was the best option. Oh it was lovely. A morning of painting followed by a nice meal. So, when I woke up on Tuesday morning (it was a Bank Holiday weekend remember) feeling a bit iffy I just thought I’d overindulged. I downed some Immodium and headed out to work.

Bad move. Having become intimately acquainted with the ladies loos and realising I wasn’t achieving anything I asked my boss (who had been in meetings all day) if I could go home. He told me I looked terrible and to go home and rest. I got home and crawled into bed and slept, and ached, and sweated… Oh it was not pleasant.

I’m still dehydrated and off my food. But I’m feeling much better than I was. Although randomly have an achy foot now (answers on a postcard please?).

Speaking of life dealing some duff cards. This morning was supposed to be beautifully sunny so I could sit at the dining table looking out of the juliet balcony and writing this. Instead I’m on the sofa with my achy foot propped up and looking at a grey, drizzly sky. Ah well. On the plus-side… I’m listening to this fab Great Gatsby playlist on Spotify – can’t wait to see the film. I’m supping chamomile tea from my fab Orla Kiely mug. And I’m looking forward to hubby’s forthcoming birthday celebrations. Oh and is that a bit of sunshine I see trying to make an appearance…


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