Fun: Onwards and Upwards – Please Sponsor Us!

Abseiling at Daniel's Mill for Hope House

I’m the kind of person who likes to push myself. Not to extremes – don’t expect me to be single-handedly circumnavigating the globe anytime soon. But I like to set myself little personal challenges.

And now my challenge, if I chose to accept it (which I do) is to fling myself 240-metres over the River Severn on a zip-wire and hubby is doing it with me. I keep flitting between thinking that this is going to be immense fun, to then getting s*it scared. But I can’t back down now, oh no siree, ’cause we’re doing it for charity. And a darn fine charity at that.

So, yes, on the morning of the 2nd June when you’re tucking into your croissants and reading the Sunday papers spare a thought for us high-up and ready to fling ourselves across the water in aid of Hope House Children’s Hospices. I’ve only done one thing vaguely as foolish dare devil in the past and that was an abseil down a viaduct for the same charity (photo above).

If you would like to sponsor us for this great cause our Just Giving page is here. Many thanks. x

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