Fit: My Full Potential Training Plan

Full Potential Training PlanOne of the advantages of purchasing my trainers from Sweatshop was that it entitled me to a free online training package through Full Potential. At first, I was reluctant to sign up. I thought it was either going to be too advanced and not cater for mediocre 5k’ers like me, or too simplistic and bore the hell out me.

The last training plan I tried to complete was the basic one on the Race For Life website. I’m sure it’s a great way of building up stamina if you’re new to running, but I needed something that was going to push me a little bit more.

Anyway, having put my trainers to the test (you can see the results here) and then having managed a steady 5k a few days later with hubby in tow, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to download my personalised plan. I logged onto the Full Potential website and signed up. Even if you don’t opt for a training plan (a 5k plan costs between £30 and £50 usually) there’s still some great nuggets of advice contained within the site, so it’s worth a look if you’re interested in running.

Completing the questionnaire in order to receive my training plan was a challenge in itself. My training has been stop/start to say the least, which made answering some of the questions problematic – do I base that on a good week, or a bad week? Hmmm. Anyway, I added in the time that I completed my last Race For Life in and included my target time for this year, along with some other details, entered my voucher code and hit submit.

The next day a friendly email pinged into my inbox with my training plan attached and I have to say it’s inspired me. There’s a mixture of different types of run – recovery run, long run, steady effort run (the Full Potential website explains this terminology to ensure you’re running to the correct exertion level) and some cross training and interval training to boot. The plan is spread over eight weeks – whereas I have just three weeks until my event – even so, I feel hopeful that following this plan will help me to improve my running and hopefully help to push me to the next level. After all, when I first started running I could barely manage a mile. Now I can just about do three. So maybe my next goal should be a 10k..?

I’ll be putting the training plan to the test this week and I’ll report back with my findings. Wish me luck!


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