Fabulous & Far Away Places: Real Madrid VIP Tickets – Is It Worth It?

Real Madrid VIP seat

Now, I’m not the biggest football fan. So paying €225 per (VIP) ticket to see Real Madrid was most definitely an expression of my unconditional love for my Hubby. Thing is, at the time of booking, I didn’t know it would turn out to be one of the best experiences of my life.

As for whether it’s worth going VIP? Well, if, like us, your main reason for going to Madrid is to catch Real Madrid at home then booking VIP tickets is pretty much your only sure-fire way of scoring (sorry couldn’t resist) advance tickets. The Real Madrid website isn’t the easiest for my little brain to understand, but it seems that Season Ticket holders get first dibs (as they should), then general admission tickets go on sale a few weeks before the match, with more tickets being released if and when Season Ticket holders decide they’re not attending that match. If you’re flexible on dates (or not trying to surprise someone months before like I was) then you should be able to pick up much cheaper general admission tickets if you’re happy to leave it until nearer match day. Of course, there’s no guarantees of this, so it would probably be worth holding fire on booking your hotel and flights if your main reason for going there is the football.

If you’re going to Madrid anyway and fancy trying your luck to get tickets – but it’s not the be all and end all of your trip – then you could either book through the web when general tickets go on sale, or try to grab some last-minute tickets from the ticket office on the day of the match. Tickets for the match we went to (Real Betis) were available on match day. Either of those options is going to prove much more cost-effective than VIP-ing it.

VIP seats Real Madrid

The small square of dark blue seats show the VIP area where we sat

So, opting for VIP tickets is good if you want to plan ahead, but what else do you get for your money? Well, I can only vouch for the section that we sat in but we got… access to a VIP bar pre-match, at half-time and post-match; a free bar; a selection of Tapas; comfy padded seats; and a decent view of the pitch. Oh and a pretty pink VIP wristband to take home with us.

Worth the money? Possibly not. But even me, as not the biggest football fan, is dying to experience it again. Granted, I think seeing Real Madrid would be special anyway. But doing it as a VIP, well that just tops it for me. Of course, next time, I will be in the bar much earlier and we won’t have such a big lunch so we can try out more of those yummy Tapas. Oh and we’ll try to get direct flights!

Obviously there are different levels of VIP-ness at Real Madrid. What seemed plush to us would probably seem peasant class to others. We were in Grada Alta Lat. Este. We wanted outside seating so we could soak up the match atmosphere.

Have you been VIP at Real Madrid? What did you think?

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