Fotos: 30 Day Snap Day 16 & 17

Oops, forgot to post this one last night

Sunday night pampering #glittersnap

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Do you remember, as a child, when Sunday night was bath night? You’d get bundled into the bath, beg to pour in some Matey (nine times out of ten I’d get boring Oilatum instead – darn eczema prone skin.) and then emerge all clean and school-ready with the sound of the Howards’ Way theme tune playing soothingly in the background.

Well, as I’ve been poorly and, as a result, have had massive trouble sleeping I thought trying to recreate that feeling last night might make Monday morning in the office a tadge more palatable. This photo was taken post-bath as I indulged in cup a camomile tea, a spot of nail painting (Nails Inc Warwick Avenue) and a read of Vogue. Vogue blew me away. I’m not a regular reader as I’ve previously found it so full of fashion that it’s almost a little hollow. But the interview with Beyoncé was fab (granted I am biased), as was the slightly random article about bees and the article about female detectives. I’m a convert!

And here’s today’s photo…

Sunny evening. #glittersnap

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Simply put – on a sunny evening, like tonight, even taking out the trash is a pleasurable experience.

Find out more about the 30 Day Snap here.


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