Fashion: Touche Eclat

Touche Eclat
Alas, my Touche Eclat (shade 2 – detail fans) is no more. And rather than rushing out to buy a straight replacement I’m thinking of (gulp) trying something else…

I recall my first brush (pardon the pun) with the product when I was a poor student working as a Saturday gal at Burton (where I met my Hubby coincidently). One of my colleagues, who was a couple of years younger than me, was being a bridesmaid for a family member and had been sent strict orders of what make-up to buy to ensure coordinated ‘big day’ slap. At the time anything by Rimmel seemed like an indulgence to me and I was aghast at the fact that she was being expected to spend so much money when something like ‘Hide the Blemish‘ would surely work equally as well… right?

My next encounter was to be some years later when I was living in London. It was an early twenties birthday and I’d invited my friends from back home (the West Midlands) down to help me celebrate. In the flush of youth everyone piled into my tiny one bedroom flat. I honestly have no idea how everyone fitted. Nor do I think everyone would be so willing to bunk-up on the living room floor if I proposed this now. My friend who was, at the time, training to do make-up pulled the stylish concealer out of her bag and explained it’s strengths (good for hiding shadows under the eyes) and weaknesses (kind of draws attention to zits). And, so, the coveting started. Yet, it would be many years before I would make a purchase…

In fact, I can’t recall my first Touche Eclat, although I think I am now on tube number three. I would say that means my first foray can’t have been that long ago, but this product lasts yonks, so not necessarily. I was intrigued by it. The gorgeous high-class packaging. The fact that so many celebs swore by it. The fact that it was made by YSL. It was great for covering my eye bags, for disguising the hereditary lines which mark the distinction between my eyes and my cheeks, for making my laughter lines less noticeable and for highlighting the areas I wanted to show off. In fact, the very same friend who had been studying the application of make-up in the early noughties used the wonder product on me on my wedding day to my husband who I met at Burton (do you see what I did there?) when she did my W-day make-up.

Wedding day make-up

I haven’t fallen out of love with the Touche. It’s more that my needs have changed. I really need to find a concealer to cover the spots which still insist on popping up on my chin, jaw line and temples – and, as my friend so rightly pointed out – Touche Eclat really isn’t the product for that. I’ve also followed the trend for glasses with a larger frame. This has two advantages. 1.) I can see better, and 2.) The frames kind of hide all those under eye bits which I used to use the Touche Eclat to disguise. Result! There’s also the cost, at £25 Touche Eclat isn’t what you would classify as a beauty bargain (although as I said, it does last forever).

Soooo…. anyone got any recommendations for decent concealers?


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