Fiction: Book Review: Sail by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

My current read of choice!

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My Mom first introduced me to James Patterson novels. She was bored at work one evening when she stumbled across one of his books in the staff room. She read a few pages and was soon drawn in by the short, snappy chapters. Before long she was reading a few chapters each night, and ended up borrowing the book so she could finish it in the comfort of her own home – no doubt accompanying her reading with a pot of tea and a packet of Cadbury’s chocolate Finger biscuits.

Since then she’s made her way through a number of James Patterson’s crime novels, which means – because we share reading material – so have I. There’s something frankly addictive about his novels. In my eyes they’re the crime equivalent of chick-lit and, as a result, they’re so easy to get caught up in. To start with it’s a bit slow, then it speeds up, each chapter ends with a cliffhanger compelling you to read more and propelling you through the story, sub-plot and all, before you finally find out whodunnit and what their comeuppance is. Reading a James Patterson novel is a bit like watching a box set of 24.

Patterson’s characteristically short chapters are masterfully constructed. There’s no wasted words and you never find yourself getting bored.

Sail is no different. A family take a sailing holiday. You know something is going to happen to them. You can feel the tension in those first few chapters. An explosion. Pow! A search team tries to locate the missing family – nothing! Then a message in a bottle appears and there’s hope. Well, hope and a mixture of other feelings for some other people who perhaps didn’t want the family to be found. And what are those people plotting anyway?

A fabulous easy read for those who like a slick story full of suspense.

Fabulous rating: 3/5


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