Food: Home Made Iced Green Tea

Iced Green Tea was a new discovery to me a few weeks back. Hubby and I had popped into Zizzi in Solihull for a spot of lunch during a tremendously unsuccessful shopping trip. It was a hot day and I was in need of some serious refreshment. I picked the Arizona Iced Green Tea with Honey off the menu. I was not disappointed. The perfect mix of sweetness, blended with that distinctive Green Tea taste and supremely refreshing on a proper summer’s day. In fact I was so impressed that, not only did I order it again when I lunched at Zizzi’s in Geenwich a few weeks later, but I also tried to recreate the super-cool goodness of the drink at home and it was delish!

Home made iced green tea with honey. Delish!

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As I’m hoping we’re going to have a scorching Bank Holiday weekend over here in Blighty. Here’s the recipe for you to try for yourself. Refreshment guaranteed…


Green Tea bags
Squeezy honey
Ice Cubes


1. Boil the kettle

2. Pop a couple of Green Tea bags into a Pyrex pint jug

3. When the kettle has boiled pour the boiling water over the Green Tea bags and allow them to brew to your own personal taste

4. Once you’re happy that the tea has brewed, remove the tea bags

5. Leave the jug of Green Tea on the side to cool down

6. When it’s cool enough pop a plate over the top of the jug and put it into the fridge overnight to complete the cooling process

7. The next morning you will have super cool Green Tea – but you’re not done yet!

8. Pop some ice cubes into a tall glass and pour some of the cooled Green Tea over them (if you’ve brewed it a bit too long, like I did, you might want to dilute this with a bit of ice cold water)

9. Add some honey to taste

10. Then give it a good stir with a good cocktail stick and pop a pretty straw into it

11. Et voila – a refreshing antioxidant packed summer drink!

Best enjoyed while listening to cheesy summer tunes! Enjoy!


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