Fangirl: Jay Z Magna Carta Holy Grail

Oh my goodness! Seriously, how good is this album? So good, that Hubby is getting utterly bored of me playing it on repeat most weekend mornings whilst I get ready. Unfortunately Hubby isn’t the biggest Jay Z fan, or rap fan at all for that matter – sorry Hubby!

Holy Grail featuring Justin Timberlake is just a delectable treat for the ears. Powerful lyrcis, a melody that you can’t help but sing along to, Jay Z’s distinctive ‘uh uh’ going on in the background – it’s got it all – and a sample of Nirvana to boot! Seriously I could play this song on constant repeat alone.

My second favourite track has to be Oceans. Just so well put together. I listen to it and I’m transported onto a luxury yacht somewhere off the coast of Ibiza. Just blissful.

The superb bass line on Picasso sounds like it should be introducing the Grand Prix. Pure glamour and power mixed together.

Tom Ford is a fab tune, which has been slightly ruined for me because I work with a guy called Tom Forbes and now I can only hear that as the lyrics now. My colleague, is a lovely old Scottish man, who isn’t in the least bit gangsta, so it kind of ruins this song for me. Ah well!

F*ckmeyouknowIgotit is pure arrogance. Listen to this and sing along to the chorus (changing the lyrics to ‘flip me’ if you’re not a fan of ‘f bombs’) if you need an instant confidence boost.

Oh, I just listened to Oceans again. Bliss to the ears!

Somewhereinamerica (Jay Z really isn’t a fan of spaces on this album is he?) sounds like it’s straight off the Great Gatsby soundtrack – it’s fun, with an amazing backing track and ironic lyrics. How could you fail to love a song which features the lyrics ‘Twerk, Miley, Miley, Miley, Twerk’?

Jay gets wifey, Bey, on the album for Part II (On the Run) which sounds distinctly 80s to me and features some dubious lyrics about running from the Police. But is still enjoyable if you don’t take it too seriously. Unfortunately I have visions of young and impressionable girls from the local dodgy estates listening to this and vowing to stay with their good for nothing boyfriend because ‘Bey stands by Jay Z’. Thing is, I don’t think Jay Z is really an ‘Outlaw’ with an ‘Outlaw chick’ as he raps on this track. Still, it must be a struggle for gangsta rappers who have now made it to keep in touch with their original fans and still sound authentic and as if they know what’s going on down in da hood. Unlike me, who with sentences like that one will never sound like an authentic ‘Outlaw chick’.

Thankfully, BBC lifts things again. This fun, carnival inspired ditty has a feel of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines to it – although with fewer misogynistic lyrics. This should get your toes tapping.

Blue Ivy gets more than a few mentions, as does Beyonce. I’m never sure how I feel about this. But hey, I guess I talk about my Hubby at the office, so… La Familla just stops short of being saccharine sweet by having a decent rap over what I can only assume is a sample of Blue Ivy and Bey.

The closing track Nickels and Dimes is just sumptuous. It feels a bit like you should be wrapped in the finest velvet, drinking expensive champagne and eating exquisite chocolate truffles whilst you listen to it.

Even the tracks that I’ve not mentioned are excellent. There’s not really a duff track on the album. Nothing I’ve skipped, despite multiple listens. Granted, anyone who doesn’t like anything urban, rap, or lots of gratuitous swearing is unlikely to enjoy this. But for the rest of us. Indulge in your ears in this super slick offering from the premier rapper of our time.

What albums are you loving at the moment?


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