Furnishings: Decorating our Lounge

Over the past year and a bit Hubby and I have been spending our spare weekends trying to add a bit of personality to our new-build.

New-build’s are all well and good. Everything is slick, ‘done’ and built-in when you move in. But, well, you soon tire of everything being trade magnolia.

Anyway, we’re starting to get there with our pad and so I thought I would share it with you a room at a time. This time around I’m focusing on the lounge. This was the first room we completed. In fact we completed this last year. I’m sharing this with you for a number of reasons…

  1. I love nosing at others homes, so thought you might too
  2. I hope to inspire other new-build owners that there is life after magnolia
  3. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved and want to show off (so sue us…)
  4. I think there is too much pressure on people to have the ‘perfect home’ the moment they move into it. Hubby and I have lived in our current home for four-and-half years and we’ve lived together for around seven years. It’s only now that we’re getting things the way we want them and are able to upgrade some of the furniture which we were donated when we first moved in together. Don’t pressurise yourself into getting perfection straight away – enjoy the journey.

OK so here’s the transformation…

New Build Lounge

Literally a blank canvas! This is how our lounge looked when we first moved in!

New Build Lounge 2

Hubby surveys the space! Our lounge when we first moved in!

Lounge in the early days

Here’s our lounge a few months later. It’s full of hand me down furniture, which we very grateful for at the time.

Lounge in the early days 2

Functional but bland!

Our lounge transformed

Ta da! Here’s how our lounge looks now! It’s a little bit retro, a little bit kitsch and a whole lot ‘us’.

Dining Area

We tried to go for something vibrant and fun. We kept some of the magnolia, but brightened things up with red accents and funky accessories.

Wall Art

You might have seen these in the background of some of my photos. Hubby had the lego art for his 30th birthday. The ‘Banksy’ is one of my favourite prints and was a Christmas gift from Hubby.


A gorgeous and functional wedding gift. Our sturdy doorstop – so cute!


We picked these up in China Town in Singapore when we were on Honeymoon. I got some plate stands so we could have them on display, so much better than them languishing at the back of a drawer. This one is Hubby’s name. Kudos if you know what it says. And, yes, that is Robbie Williams’ Greatest Hits next to it!

Dining Table

Let us entertain you! Our dining area gets used for entertaining and also as desk. In fact that’s where I’m sitting right now as I type this. It gives a great view out of our Juliette balcony. Love it! The plant is a Money Tree and was from a cutting of a plant which my nan had.

Old suitcases

These used to be my Nan’s. I love old suitcases, there’s so obviously a story behind them and they’re great for storage too.

House ornament

This was also from my Nan’s house. It’s only a cheap seaside momento but I used to play it with as a child. It’s a happy reminder of my lovely nan.


Kitsch is cool, right? These were cute gifts from Hubby.

Travel Guides

For places we’ve been to, or dream of going to… I think it’s important to keep things which inspire you where you can see them!


Some of mine and Hubby’s top reads

Books 2

More top reads! Can you guess whose are whose?


I’d forgotten I had these. I’ve now vowed to get them burning!


Another find when we were clearing nan’s house.


Take a seat! The striped cushions were actually ones which Hubby’s sister was getting rid of. Spookily they tied in with our colour scheme perfectly!

Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes make a great side table and an easy way to hide clutter. The cute mug was a gift from my bestie.

Comfy chair

Our reading corner, complete with gorgeous leather footstool, cute teddy bears, comfy chair and my fave Union Jack cushion.

Our travels

Our travels

Buddha and candles

A Buddha from Kuala Lumpur and candle holders from my nan. I love these.

Mr & Mrs Plate

A gorgeous wedding gift

Space picture

More wall art. Hubby loves space.


A beautiful trinket box from my nan’s, another kitsch ornament from my nan’s (which brings back lovely memories) and a gorgeous gift from Hubby.

Animal corner

My adopted Panda and Orangutan!


For cosy evenings in


Our wedding guests helped us to buy these cabinets. So good for storage and so robust, gorgeous and timeless.


Possibly the hardest thing to source for our lounge. We loved these the moment we saw them though. So retro and fun.


Wallpaper – Next
Lampshades – B&Q (no longer stocked)
Spider Plant – gift from my mom
Spider Plant pot – Homebase (no longer stocked)
Oak Cabinet – Next
Panda – as part of adoption package, WWF
Candle & candle plate – Wilkinson’s
Heart (on candle plate) – from a cocktail stick which was a gift
Orangutan photo – as part of adoption from Orangutan Appeal UK
Glass trinket box – gift
Blackpool paperweight – gift
Heart paperweight – gift (available here)
Space wall art – Red Bubble
Mr & Mrs plate – gift
Buddha – Thean Hou temple, Kuala Lumpur
Candle holders – gift
Tea Lights – Wilkinson’s
‘Our travels’ photo frame – Wilkinson’s
Chair – Ikea
Union Jack cushion – gift (similar here)
Leather footstool – gift (similar here)
Paddington Bear – Past Times (similar here)
Blakelands Wedding teddy bear – gift
Faux leather storage boxes – Wilkinson’s (similar here)
Heart mug – gift (similar here)
Sofa – Marks and Spencer (similar here)
Red cushions – BHS (similar here)
Striped cushions – gift (similar here)
‘LOVE’ cushion – Next (no longer stocked, but this is nice, if a tad pricey!)
Small Buddhas – gift (similar available on Ebay)
Yankee candles – candle shop at Merry Hill which has now closed down 😦
Books – various
Incense burner – Amazon (no longer available)
Tanjung Rhu photo frame – gift
Space Invader toy – gift (similar here)
Chewbacca toy – gift
Knitted hat (on Space Invader) – free with an Innocent Smoothie
House ornament – gift
Old suitcases – gift
Dining table & chairs – John Lewis (similar table here, similar chairs here)
Placemats – John Lewis and Next
Silver plant pot – Flowers by Andrew (similar here)
Faux leather CD stands – Wilkinson’s (similar here)
Money Tree – gift
Red fan – China Town, Singapore
In and Out of Consciousness by Robbie Williams – gift
Doorstop – gift (similar here)
Banksy print – gift (similar here)
Lego print – Red Bubble
Red throw – Marks and Spencer (similar here)
Blinds – SAS Blinds
Yukka plant – gift
Red plant pot – B&Q
Red candle holders – Next (no longer stocked)


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